Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Candles from The Bronx Naturals

I am loving my new candles from The Bronx Naturals!  I have the following 2 candles:  Lemon Energy and Fresco.  When I opened each packaged candle,  they smelled so good!  And that was before I even had a chance to burn them for the full scent effect. 

I usually avoid candles, because I have asthma, and the smell of most candles can be very overwhelming for my system. But I found out from the maker of these candles, Melissa that the candles are made with Soy. “Soy is all natural and is known to not emit toxins that petroleum candles do. Soy Rocks!” – Melissa, The Bronx Naturals.  So even with my asthma, these scents are just right! And they smell yummy... :-).

If you are planning to try these candles out, remember the following tips from Melissa:  "Trim Wick to 1/8" inch before lighting. The first time burning the candle, let burn for minimum of 3 hours, to create an even burn pool." To see all of the candles being offered, check out the website for The Bronx Naturals.


  1. I recently discovered soy candles and love them. Thanks for recommending this company. I'm going to check them out.

  2. I recenetly bought Candles from the bronx naturals based on your review.... Let me say, they are amazing. I love Temptress, its very sexy. I will be shopping with them again!

  3. I've only started burning the Lemon energy, b/c I was the most excited about that one--the smell is just so unique & invigorating!! I love it.

    Once it was burning for a bit, I rubbed a little of it on my hand it was pretty creamy and the smell was so nice on my skin :) I should have gotten a bunch more lemon ones--I would love to fill my room up with that smell!

    Happy purchase!


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