Monday, April 23, 2012

Model - Tamirah

Meet Model Tamirah!  "Tamirah is 13, height: 5'7, and lives in Houston, Texas.  She is in the 8th grade and  attends a home school cooperative called STEP (Science, Technology, Educating, Partnership). Tamirah was just featured in a movie called Pride of the Third Eye, directed by an independent film artist by the name Ms. Lisa Harris. Tamirah just finished a play called Kuumba both pieces she had the lead role.
Tamirah loves children, photography, fashion, style, and most of all modeling - something that she really aspires to do. The only problem is that most modeling agencies are not accepting of girls with Natural Hair. We have been to a few and we were asked and told that she would not go far with her hair in Locks. Tamirah loves her locks and wears them proudly, she is proud of her natural beauty. If you need more information please feel free to call Terri Collins (Mom) 832-292-2192."  - Terri

You can also email Terri at or I wish Tamirah the best of luck in her modeling career. 


  1. It's great to see young teens in locks.

  2. I say be who u are reguardless!,I pray this beauti4 young girl continue to embrace her beauty jus the way she is,may she learn ta live for her self & not other ppl & guess what they'll be drooln ova her when she goes world wide & wishes they wuda neva rejected her bcuz of her (((hair))) Wow are u serious!,lOl I'm closing this out with this STAY STRONG bcuz this world & tha ppl in it will break u down if u allow them to (smiles) may u live out ya dreams! Yah bless!,Shalom

  3. I love to see teens actually look like teens and not like 30 year old adorable.


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