Saturday, June 2, 2012

Meet Curly Girl Rashanna!

"My name is Rashanna! I'm from Edgard, La.  I recently graduated from River Parishes Community College with a degree in Liberal Arts.  I am very loving, kind, and supportive and all of these qualities come in to play with my curly hair. My hair has definitely been through a lot.  It's been permed, cut, colored, shaved, weaved, wigged; you name it I've done it lol.  Before I actually made the decision to go natural my hair was shaved into a mohawk.  I then began getting my hair quickweaved as a cover-up until my hair grew back, but I didn't get any relaxers. I'd take out the weave, wash my hair, and put some more in.  My cousin who is natural, inspired me to make the transition to healthier hair and I've been happy with my hair ever since.  I BC'ed in May 2010, put some color in it, and people began labeling me as the female Wiz Khalifa lol.  My hair has many textures including 4b at the front, 4A in the middle, and 3C in the very back.  Products I absolutely must use consist of various oils, olive oil gel, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing smooth, and Milk & Protein Deep Conditioning Treatment. Moisture is a MUST!  My advice to individuals thinking about going natural, GO FOR IT!!! Transitioning to your hair's natural state is not just about hair, its about a change for you.  Since I went natural I've become more confident, patient, and my style has changed.  I love how I feel.  My hair has a mind of its own, I'm just glad we think alike :)."  - Rashanna

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