Friday, June 29, 2012

Twizted T!

Thank you  Get Twizted for sending me this casual natural girl t-shirt. I am definitely a 'Natural Girl living in Natural World'... :-).  Here is more about the founder of  the t-shirt line Twizted Tees:

"Twizted Tees founded by Tanisha L. Blakemore a t-shirt line celebrating, embracing and promoting natural hair. After two attempts of transitioning from relaxed to natural, 2007 finally marked the year when she no longer wanted to “lye” to herself. She followed thru with the BIG CHOP. Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair for approximately 6 months has evolved into much more than a physical transformation, an emotional and spiritual expedition as well. As a result of this 5-year journey; her self-esteem has skyrocketed, becoming infatuated with her coils, embracing the healthiness, versatility, and texture of her chemical-free hair. Get TWIZTED Tees is the foundation to Tanisha’s overall vision to establish awareness to better living. Her long-term vision for the future is to develop a company that offers organic apparel, chemical free hair and nail services, along with a juice bar, and holistic store. The natural hair revolution broadens the definition of beauty to include unprocessed hair including afros, locs, and flowing spirals of kinks, coils and curls. Get TWIZTED Tees mission is to encourage a foundation of self-pride, embracing hair in its natural state, while promoting products that display self-expression."   Website: Facebook:

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