Thursday, July 26, 2012

Add Some Color!

I love this gorgeous photo of Gia! I lot of people think that when you have loc's or dreadlocks, that your options for style and color are limited. But this is very untrue. There are many styles you can create with your hair and color is always fun. Meet with your stylist, talk about some styles or color your interested, and find some ideas that will work with your hair type and color that will be safe for your hair. And just have fun with it!  And it always great to have photos like this one as inspiration to show you that being adventurous with your hair can be fun.
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  1. Wow great photo of Gia! This is very inspiring for me because I have felt that I cant really do much with my natural hair. This gives me hope! I have had my sister style my hair for the past 5 years, no offense to her but she has never come up with something as brilliant as this style. I love the use of colors in the locs. Thanks so much for posting!


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