Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ash The Painter

I love these artworks! Great use of color and I love the features. About the artist - "I paint natural, nappy & glamorous. I freelance & sell art locally & online. I always have something for sale! Biography I am a face portraitist and art designer. I've been in the art business for 2 years. I specialize in minimalistic art, abstract art, and ethnic art. As an independent contractor, I've painted for numerous clients filling orders for: self portraits, original artwork, business signs, logos, t-shirt designs,  and other custom art designs."
AshThePainter : Website, Facebook, Tumbler. Contact:


  1. Love these paintings - beautiful!!

  2. This is SO beautiful. Something I would definitely love to have on my wall. Kudos!

  3. I want one! Beautiful work

  4. They're breathtaking, so absolutely beautiful. Wow!

  5. Omg this painting looks just like me, scary!!!

  6. We are trying to order t-shirts for my church read-in and we want to use your design. Do we have permission to use your artwork.

    Thank you,
    Sheronda Smith-Williams

    1. Hi Sheronda,

      Please contact the artist directly at I am unable to give permission. You must speak directly to the artist.


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