Thursday, October 25, 2012

Aspiring Model - Alecia Loveless

"To start off, my name is Alecia Miraje Loveless, and I'm from Detroit, MI. I'm 19 years old, and I am a second year student at Wayne State University. I am looking to be a natural hair model, whether it be in a magazine, blog, or show. Contact me at  My hair is always what I've been known for. Since I'm of Mexican and African-American descent, my natural hair is thick, with a twist of kinky curls. At first, I didn't appreciate my hair because my parents moved me out to the suburbs, where hardly anybody has hair like mine. Wanting to be like everybody else, I permed my hair and put color to it frequent times. There got to a point where I was so frustrated that I cut my own hair, and I had to go to a shop to fix it. After I stopped coloring it and growing it out, I noticed how many compliments I got on my hair. How it makes me look unique, and it makes me different from others. Finally, I opened my eyes and appreciated the hair I was blessed with. I wear it natural to show that it is okay to be yourself no matter where you are, or who your around. Be you."   -Alecia Miraje  :-)

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