Monday, March 4, 2013

Meet Chandra!

My Natural Hair Bio: I have been 100% natural for 3 years. It was my interest in the use of natural hair care products on my relaxed hair that lead me to become more curious in obtaining healthy hair over all. I transitioned for 9 months before I big chopped. I was left with about 4 to 5 inches of natural hair and that began my journey of learning how to perfect my all natural texture. My texture is thick, cottony, coarse, prone to dryness, and tangles. I had many obstacles to overcome, and things to learn about my hair if I was going to remain natural. (Yr 1 I had to force myself to forget about the ease of caring for relaxed hair) I poured my self into extensive research through books, blogs, dictionaries, hair boards, personal experiments, you tube, you name it! Through it all I've learned how to master moisture balance, strength,soft ends, length retention, thicker edges, minimal shedding, and little to no breakage. In three years I have been able to grow my hair to the longest and healthiest its ever been in my life. My journey has inspired me to help others who are interested in embracing and perfecting the natural hair that grows from their scalps.

Products: I use Hydratherma Naturals, Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie and EVOO as staples.

My Blog: Happy Healthy Hair  - the inspiration behind my blog is to share my journey and to provide helpful practical natural hair care tips to other women who are seeking in depth answers to the puzzling questions they other wise would not get answers to in one place. I want every woman to know that she can have "good hair", ultimately, that is healthy hair that's theirs, and makes them happy! When I first started my journey in 2008/2009 I had to dig deep, and jump all over the place to get practical "direct" answers to my natural hair care questions. Most of the blogs and sites that I would visit were very heavy on natural hair inspirations (which I also needed!). But not too many details on hair care and how to obtain hair that isn't dry, unpliable, or breaking. One of my first successful blog posts was, How to grow your Hair with Braid extensions. Many women would experience growth with braid extensions, but said their hair wouldn't be healthy. I shared how I grew my twa to slightly past shoulder length in 12 months with braids. My hair was full and healthy with no balding edges. I shared from beginning to end what I did every single session and many found this extremely helpful. It's been over 2 years since I've started my Healthy Happy Hair blog and it still makes me extremely fulfilled to know that I am actually helping people achieve their hair care goals! I am in Texas, where I share my love for helping local naturals achieve their dreams of owning their own head of hair that is long, full, healthy, and happy!


  1. Your hair is beautiful. Chandra. Wow! only natural for three years? Amazing. I definitely will be checking out your blog also. Great post

    1. Natural for5 years now sometime my hair is still hard whats best for that?

  2. Hello Chandra you are beautiful and your hair too. I tried natural hair last year but I didn't have the result I wanted so I went back to relaxer. I will try again this year and see.

  3. Excellent post. I appereciate your details,and you sharing your experiences.


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