Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Meet Thea

My name is Thea Reynolds, I'm 23 years old from Virginia Beach, VA. I have started my natural hair journey in October of 2011. I have been through many hairstyles (perms, braids and other styles that included certain sections of my hair to be cut/styled). I started my Natural Hair journey because I was seeing a lot of breakage. I stopped chemically processing my hair for a couple of months and seen that my roots were really curly and it was pretty. So that made me curious as to see how my hair would look and grow if I didn't chemically process my hair. So I did the big chop. I was so nervous and skeptical as to how my hair would grow and look. Now that it is coming up to 2 years of my hair being natural, I will never go back to perms. I have transitioned my lifestyle to be a Naturalist. I have became a role model and an inspiration to other women in my community, and have encouraged women to go natural; including my Mother. I give my own testimonies as far as what products has and has not worked for me. And what products I personally think are good for feeding natural hair. With me being an African American woman mixed with White and Indian, I feel other women can relate to my hair stories with either being mixed themselves or having similar hair like I do.

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