Monday, December 30, 2013

London Born Singer Lianne La Havas

"Lianne La Havas no longer needs any introduction; her trajectory has been well documented. Her name has become synonymous with beautiful, soulful, emotive songs about heartbreak. Aged 22, her debut album reached number 4 in the UK album charts, was nominated for this years Mercury Music Prize and she can now count Stevie Wonder, Prince, Erykah Badu, Bon Iver and Jill Scott as fans.

 Lianne announces the release of a two-part video with and for singles "Elusive" and "Gone". Director Colin Solal Cardo (La Blogotheque) said of their partnership: "I've been collaborating with Lianne for more than a year now, but working on this project felt like something completely new. Lianne's a brilliant storyteller, there's a true cinematic quality to her songs. When you listen to them, you go through all these emotions and narratives, like a collection of short movies. We felt like it was finally time to build a world around these songs, give life to these love stories and let Lianne actually become these characters. Be it a candid young girl falling in love, or a heartbroken femme fatale in the middle of the woods. I feel fortunate for the trust relationship I have with Lianne, it's something any music video director has to cherish because it's rare and precious. Ultimately, that's what allows an ambitious project like this one to exist."" - by Noisey



  1. She is gorgeous!!! Love her. Great post!

  2. "Hello Karen! Thank you so much for composing that wonderful blog piece on the truly amazing and beautiful Ms Lianne La Havas!! Her voice, beauty, style and grace are heart melting. I love all her songs but my number one true love is most definitely "Lost and Found". Just thought I would share that tidbit of personal info :) Again one extremely talented young confident black woman whom I admire very much, thanks again for the post!" - ***Mieresa***, comment by email

  3. i love Lianne la havas!! (pretty impressive fan base) xx


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