Friday, October 10, 2014

My First Locs Hair Cut

I finally got the hair cut that I have wanted for almost a year now.  I hesitated in cutting my hair because I had worked so hard at caring for it so I cold reach a healthy long length.  But I learned that having long hair can be overrated. I loved the way it looked. But my hair became very heavy, hard to style and was always in the way.   After my hair cut, I felt so much lighter. It was a great feeling. 

The good thing about my being open to cutting my hair, is not only is it a bit of a fresh beginning. But I can have fun styling it in more ways, with out it giving me a headache (old length was heavy).

Next!  Hoping to play with some color.  Updates soon.   Any one else thinking of making a change with their natural hair - color, length or style?


  1. Your locs are sooo beautilful!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  2. Beautiful, i know it can get heavy.
    you look great.

  3. Yoour Hair is Amazing ..I love the new cut!

  4. I too have long locs past my rear end and have been wanting to cut it for over a year. My reasons are very similar to yours. I'm really about to cut it now, because today while trying to help my 2 year old potty in a public restroom my locs kept falling over my shoulders sweeping the toilet (where the tissue fell off the seat.) That is going to hopefully be my last toilet seat swipe with my hair! Do you have any regrets?


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