Sunday, March 8, 2015

Blog link of the Day - Why Some Men Despise Natural Hair

Check out this interesting blog post on Confessions of a Blog Vixen.

A Conversation Between Brothers: Why Some Black Men Despise Natural Hair
by West Parsons
March 8, 2015

by Ebrahim Aseem

“I love my thick nappy curls,” Eden confessed. “But I noticed when my hair is all laid & straight, I get approached way more by guys. Otherwise, black men treat me like my natural hair makes me instantly ugly. That’s kinda why I approached you first.”

She removed her headband & ran her fingers through her huge, natural curls, as her brown skin glistened in the daylight. I marveled at her beauty before replying.

“Some males who are hesitant to approach women with natural hair are intimidated by the confidence you’re displaying by wearing your natural hair & he cowers at the possibility of you rejecting him,” I explained.

“This is the same reason the corporate world does not fully embrace or always endorse women who wear their natural hair. You are seen as a threat. Too militant. Rebellious. Non-submissive.

An overly-macho, mentally fragile male can NOT handle a free thinking, conscious woman with her own mind. She does not even arouse him sexually. He needs a submissive woman.

A woman’s beautiful natural hair is a repellant for....  {See full article here.}


  1. Loved this blog post, 17 years I've been relaxing my hair last month decided it's time to go natural. This is a very empowering read for the journey!

  2. Awesome post. Really this is great blog post. I like woman natural hair.


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