Monday, April 13, 2015

Update!!! Giveaway Winners of the Bad Hair Does Not Exist book.

Update!! Thank you to everyone that entered the Bad Hair Does Not Exist book giveaway.  The winners of this giveaway are:
  1. Afropean Queen
  2. Danielle Munro Blackshear
  3. Simone J
  4. GL Tomas
Please contact me at to claim your prize.  Congratulations!!!


Sulma Arzu-Brown, author of the children's book Bad Hair Does Not Exist!, is giving away copies of her book to 4 lucky Natural Beautiful Hair blog followers.

Bad Hair Does Not Exists is a tool of empowerment for all little girls who are black, afro-descendent, afro-Latinas, and Garifuna. It’s to enhance the confidence of girls who are beautiful, intelligent, savvy, witty, and have extraordinary hair. The book is intended to teach little girls how to define and describe their hair so that they don’t identify with the term “bad hair.” It gives you cool illustrations of gorgeous girls with examples of each type of hair. The book serves to educate and calls for all of us to work as equal partners to build our girls up by using proper terminology to describe their hair because it is directly linked to their essence.

"This book will help ensure confidence and self esteem in young girls of color."

To enter the giveaway, please do the following - 
  • Like Bad Hair Does Not Exist on Facebook
  • Be a follower of the Naturally Beautiful Hair Blog
  • Leave a comment letting us know why you would like this book
The giveaway ends in two weeks on April 27th, 2015, where Sulma will choose the 4 lucky winners.


  1. Hi, I would really love this book for my 2 year olds collection. She cant read yet but I have found Ethnic books for her to look through, point and we or I can explain and give short discussions to her. I want my daughter (African) to have books, dolls and toys with which she can identify with as well as something to show her and have her see her beauty and those of little girls like her. As a mother I am her first teacher but I also want those around her to influence her life and leave her with a sense and acceptance of Our beauty. To be proud of her skin colour and her hair. I have liked the facebook page and I follow this blog.

  2. This is absolutely wonderful!! So many of our girls need this reassurement (and some adults too). Behaviors are good or bad, not hair! Thanks for doing this. Dani

  3. Natural Girls United Facebook Reader entry -

    Simone J. - "I would love to win a copy of your book. I wear my hair natural and I have a 3 yr old daughter that I'm teaching her about the beauty of her hair. oh.... and now my 13 yr old son now wants to grow out his hair in an afro " only shape ups for him" "

  4. I'd totally love this book because growing up as an Afro-Latina, there weren't any books like this for me when I was young. While I am much older and beyond the target range for this book, It still really means a lot to me that Afro-Latinas and people of African Descent in general are embracing their hair as a part of their identity. I would read this and enjoy the heck out of it but most importantly, I would save it for my future daughter. I hope there are many books like this before I enter motherhood, you really don't know how much of an impact a book like this could make on a child, or even an adult like myself!