Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mildred Bean's beautiful grey hair

I have always admired photos of Mildred Bean's hair. She is a wonderful example of how silver or grey hair can be gorgeous.

I have started noticing my own silver hair popping up over the last year or two. At first, I would freak out and cut them out as soon as I could. Cursing the intruders. But over time, I have started to accepted that at age 42, things are not always going to be the same. 

So I have stared to slowly accepted and even celebrate my silver hairs.  Occasionally the idea of coloring pops up in my hair. But I still stay strong...  as of now. lol

Here are a few quotes from Mildren, that where published on an old Hair Looms Blog interview.

Here's what Mildred recommends [for maintaining healthy grey hair]:
  • Keep your hair cleansed.
  • Use products that are either clear or white.
  • Avoid products with artificial and/or deep natural color.
  • Avoid flat irons and curling irons. If you're not careful they can discolor hair by burning or "baking" products into the hair.
"Embracing your natural hair color, be it gray, silver or white isn't always an easy decision.  It takes a
little courage for some because nobody wants to feel unattractive and/or look "old."  I would suggest they wait until they have a little more confidence in their appearance.  If you have concerns about your outer appearance, I would recommend concentrating on your overall health.  Adopt healthy eating habits, exercise routines, and skin care regimens. Then work on a wardrobe update.  I strongly believe these can help make you confident about your personal appearance.  Once those are in place, I think transitioning into your natural hair color will be a lot easier."

You can read more about Mildred on The Pink. To see more, check her out on her social media pages -

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