Monday, October 1, 2012

The Souriyah Wrap by EyeSeye Creations

I love my new handmade Souriyah Sistah Wrap made by EyeSeye Creations. The wrap is crocheted and can be made by custom order. You can request your wrap in different colors and lengths. What's also cool is that the Souriyah Wrap can be worn as a head wrap (up or down) or as a warm cozy shawl. The company is owned and operated by husband and wife, Mr. & Mrs. Seye.

"EYESEYE (pronounced I-Sayy Creations) Creations is a website and online store combo of a couple's hand-made artistic expressions. Zaaynab Le'Von - creates hand-made adornments from fibers, wire, pennies, stones and other odd objects. She especially enjoys crocheting hats and baby items.  Rakhou (Abdourahmane) - creates unique & thought-provoking works of art using acrylic & oil. He also enjoys drawing with different weights of lead and water-color painting. Their creations are filled with thought, love, time, and self-expression."
~ EyeSeye Creations

Check out this great video from Zaaynab, that shows how easy it is to wrap your hair with the Souriyah Wrap.


  1. My it. It looks perfect for the winter season, too, as its thick and made from wool (?)

    And I love how it doubles as an accessory. That's what I call more bang for your buck.

    1. Greetings! The one in the photo is not made from wool but it is definitely thick and long enough to keep you warm.


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