Friday, October 4, 2013

Meet Wolfgang Lisborg

"Hello, good afternoon everyone my name is Wolfgang Lisborg. From Denmark, Europe and I love natural hair. How my hair has come to play is actually pretty funny. When I came to America as a preteen people would always say you have good hair. Now, my aunt is hairstylist and she would always have the barber of the shop cut my hair whenever I got a somewhat fro. Time passed towards high school and now I'm living with my uncle now he said he didnt mind me having hair just as long as I take care of it. Now, this is when I had to figure how to nourish my hair. I tried multiple products in high school from gel to over exaggerated gels. After, 3 big chops in the past 6 years. I've finally found out what keep my hair intact. Eating good, being active, and drinking lots of water. Now, I'm just trying to share my hair experience with everyone and become a natural hair model in the States. Oh yeah, natural or close to natural products are the best for your hair." - Wolfgang

Contacts: Email:, Instagram: WESTILLLIVE, Facebook: Wolfgang Lisborg

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