Friday, February 6, 2009

Brushing Loc's..?!

I recently learned that brushing your locs/dreads can be a good thing. I always avoided using a brush because I was nervous about causing breakage or making my hair look messy. But if you doing it right before a wash, it actually helps with getting ride of any lint and dirt that may be hanging on. It also feels really good to brush your scalp. I would recommend using a brush with soft bristles.


  1. Brushing locks is really good. I use the baby brush for mine, it's gentle to my hair and the scalp. Brushing also helps the locks look tidy when you haven't retwisted in a long time....Great blog, do visit mine and let's exchange ideas about Locking

  2. does the sharpie wash out?

  3. Thank you soooooo much for you're post on brushing and using the sharpie. U have been growing my locs for 11 years and spend so much time cutting and picking at the lint...thanks again for sharing and please stop by my blog anytime!!!


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