Friday, February 6, 2009

Cute Short Cut!

I love this hair cut. If I ever decided to cut my loc's - this would be the it style that I would want to try. Very cute bob!


  1. where is this information. is this amagazine that i can order on check out online

  2. This is from Essence magazine (May 2008 issue)

  3. I love this Style makes me seriousley think about changing my lock style.

  4. I love this style... would love to get my locs cut in a style some time soon.. not so short.. this will be a nice style when I have kids.. :)

  5. Beautiful style! I've been growing my locks for 5 years and I did a transformation with blocked color and a sexy bob cut. I don't miss the length it feels fabulous. You can see the photo here in my natural hair styling guide

    Be Radiantly Beautiful


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