Friday, May 29, 2009

Authentic Hair by Ademola Mandela

I saw this book about five years ago, when I went to New York. When I got back home, I tried to search for it, because I was really impressed by how the book was put together. So originally, I found it online for about $45 dollars. But I though... O' I will just wait until they lower price. But a few months later, I could not find it any where! It was sold out. So today, I did a search, and someone is trying to sell it on Amazon for $145! Ok, I like the book, but I don't need it that bad. Dang... :-P. Any how, I will keep my eye's open. It was a really nice book filled with pictures of people (a few celebs) with their natural hair. It includes passage and poetry. If I ever get the book, I will share more about it with you.
Authentic Hair
by Ademola Mandella
"This book features photographs of African locks, Nubian twists, Bantu knots, Barber cuts (Afro & Fades), Hair Tattoos, Cosmic locs, (dread- extensions), and MC Locs, (Multi-cultural Locks) by Preston B. Phillips Jr. Empowering poetry and prose by 50 of the Diaspora's most dynamic spoken word artists, enhancing these innovative styles. Also included is a vocabulary and essential information about the care of so called 'ethnic hair". Introduction by Tulani Kinard Foreword by: Malcolm-Jamal Warner." -


  1. the book looks interesting! thanks for sharing...

  2. Were you able to get this book? I've been trying to get a hold of it myself, and I have had no luck.

  3. I tried to look for it off and on for about a year. But because it is out of print and very popular... I had no luck with finding it.


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