Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Loving the Redo of this style!

Franchesca (from read an old post from my blog about
a recent Natural Hair Show. She like the picture featured in the post and
decided to do a hair tutorial doing the style. Here is the original picture
on the left, and Franchesca's re-do on the right!
Very cute! Thank you Franchesca for giving this style a try. It came out very well. Check out her YouTube video below -

FYI: To see Franchesca's interview on the Naturally Beautiful website, click here.


  1. I love Chescaleigh she's so cute & her personality shines through all of her posts on her blogs & vlogs! I think she's a tremendous help to those of us who are style challenged!

  2. Same here! I am very limited when it comes to styling my hair. So it helps to have some one like Franchesa (aka - Chescaleigh) showing us how easy it is to do different styles, it really helps.

  3. thank you again! great news, some of my blog readers and youtube subscribers have already trickled over to your site! yaaay!

  4. I know Franchesca! I am so appreciative... thank you for mentioning my site. That was really sweet of you.


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