Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Get Silly!

Ok, so few months ago I was really bummed out. With health issues and no real health insurance in sight, I was feeling emotionally tapped out. So I decided to give myself a little boost. People that just met me, may think that I am kind of quiet. But if you are really close to me, you will know that I can be very silly and I am proud of it. So in the middle of this slump, I figured the best thing I could do, is to make myself laugh. I literally made the most ridiculous faces and put my hair in this crazy hair do. But it worked. I started laughing. And crazy enough - I felt better.

I will probably live to regret posting this picture... lol. But o' well. I think sometimes we just take ourselves way to serious. One of the things I learned from my mom and from life is that laughter is the best kind of therapy; and that it is food for the soul. If you have are having one of those days, pop in a comedy. Or if you can be as silly as I can be, do something that will make you smile or laugh. It helps!


  1. too funny. glad you trully know the value of
    laughter!love, mom

  2. Love you Mom. Thanks... :-D


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