Wednesday, May 6, 2009

REALLY?!? Myspace can be positive...... Says who?

I have heard so many negative stories about Myspace. A lot of times it is from folks that don't even have a profile. And there are a few Myspace ex-users that just have had a really bad experience. But for me, Myspace has been a really positive site. I have a huge community of natural, loc'd and dread lock friends. I meet all kinds of artist - whether it's music, art, actors, designers and more.

I think a big part of it, is how you represent yourself when you are on the site, and who you allow to be a part of your community. At this moment, I currently have 2,417 "Friends" on my Myspace page. I obviously don't have close relationships with all these people. But I do get to talk to most of them at some point and time. There are a lot positive open minded people on Myspace. So for me - I don't have any complaints. Here is a look at some of the cool peps on my top friends list:

Here is a link to my Myspace page: Naturally Real. My profile is currently set to private, but send me a friend request - let me that you saw this post on my blog, and I will add you as a friend.

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