Monday, June 1, 2009

Cutest diaper commercial

Pull-Up Diapers has the new add campaign. I saw a commercial featuring Hillary Washington and her daughter Lyon, and I loved it. At first I was shocked, because I never seen a diapers commercial with a mom that had dreadlocks.

What I really liked was that there were no stereotypical lines or comments. I check out the website that the commercial promoted, and saw a little blog story line they are doing for several moms - talking about their child and their potty training experience. To see Hillary and Lyon's blog and 4 episodes, click here.


  1. I saw this. I was so shocked and happy at the same time it is the cutest commercial. The lil brown babe is tres adorable and the mom's dread style is hothot, and I was glad to see it on tv, especially in a commercial that appeals to all. There's no race demographic in diapers. Every mom needs diapers and pull-ups at some point

  2. I felt the same way. I completely stopped everything I was doing, when I first saw this commercial. First out of shock and surprise, then out of happiness. It is about time.


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