Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sisterloc Blogs

Here are a few cool Sister Loc blogs to check out. I am very fascinated by sister loc's, and always want to learn more about the style. My biggest question is, how long does it take to re-twist (if that is the correct method) your new growth. With my hair it takes about an hour on a good day. But I could not imagine having twice the amount of loc's with Sister Loc's. If any one knows the answer, let me know. Thank you Kalia for mentioning these blogs on a hair discussion board. To read more about the following ladies blogs, click the following links: Audrey, Meikmeika, Monica.


  1. Hey Karen I used to have Sisterlocks and it took my consultant 4-5 hours to retighten my locks I had 644 micro to small sized locks and it was really time consuming so I ultimately combined them to convert them to traditional Locs. The Sisterlocks method is a method of interlocking or crocheting the hair into the lock so that is how hair is retightened it is not twisted. Be Blessed!! I really enjoy your Blog!!

  2. Very informative! I never new it was such a detailed and extensive process. That definitely takes some dedication. But that's great that you don't have to do it as often as twice we week. That would be a huge job!

    The time that it does take is definitely worth it. It's a really nice style.

  3. Hi Karen! I interlock my new growth once a month and even though I started out with 500 locks, I later combined them and now i'm down to nearly 430+ because it was taking me too long as a DIYer (do-it-yourself). I spent anywhere between 2-3 full days attempting to tighten all my locks, but now that I have fewer locks to tighten, it only takes me several hours over a two-day period. It's so much easier and faster this way so I have not regrets. It's one thing to have your consultant tighten your new growth in a few hours and another to do it yourself over a few days. Audrey happens to be one of my inspirations, especially when it comes to styling long locks and so are you.

    Your blog is so informative and wonderful so keep up the good work, and i'm more than happy to share information from my blog because I know that it will help others and that's what I feel is most important. Thanks for your support.

  4. Wonderful Kalia! It's always a pleasure talking with you. It's amazing the amount of time it takes to maintain sisterloc's. But as you mention... yes! it is definitely worth it.


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