Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nappy Nap Models

I like to highlight natural hair models. It's not because I think that models are the only form of beauty, not even close. I see beautiful woman every day! At the gym, at the grocery store, etc... But what I do like is that we now have images of ourselves in the model, fashion and acting world. Those images help us and our children to know that our kind of beauty is just as good any one else's. You don't have to be blond haired, with blue eyes, to look good. Nappy Nap Models is a company that features natural hair models. I want to say thank you to them for gathering all these lovely ladies together to represent Natural Beauty.

"NappyNap models is the sistah company of NappyNap Nation, the Nu Social Network for NappyNap Sistahs. NappyNap models is a platform for NappyNap sistahs who are ready to embrace their natural beauty and share it with the world. NappyNap models are definitely making a name for themselves. Never before has there been a modelling agency of this calibre. NappyNap models are all strictly Nappy and we will not compromise!"

- www.models.nappynapnation.com

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