Monday, July 6, 2009

Someone gave me the Stank Eye!!

This is totally off topic. But here we go - I kind of have a large chest, always have. I've had my ups and downs with excepting my chest size and it is definitely a continuous work in progress. Just to give you an idea, my bra cup size is a 38 G. Crazy right? Any way... Right before my periods (which is right now), they will get bigger because of water gain. Not much I can do about it. So today, I left for my daily work out. As I was walking, I did not notice that I had dropped some money by accident.

So a nice guy, yelled out for me to hold up. And then he helped me pick up my money. I was very grateful, so when we both stood up, I said "Thank you very much!" Because he could have stayed quite and just pocketed the money. I notice right away that he had a lady friend with him, so I made sure to look her directly in the eyes, and I gave her a genuine smile, as I thanked them both.

Why did she look at my chest, then at me, and give me the Stank Eye!!! .... lol. Wow sis, what did I do to you? Unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened. I try to be as friendly as possible with folks. And occasionally I get someone that will judge me because of my large boobies. I think I should right a song about it. Instead of India Arie's "I am not my hair", it will be "I am not by boobs, I am not your expectations...". O well, you can't please everyone all the time. I can laugh about it now, but that don't still doesn't make it right. :-P

This isn't me in this photo, but I completely agree with the shirts message.
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  1. Wow, Karen! That's really sad to hear. I have big breasts too, and I know the frustrations that we naturally big-breasted women go through. I remember being teased mercilessly in high school for having 34D breasts at age 13, but over the years, i've learnt how to not let the negative remarks affect me. Nevertheless, I could just about feel your pain as I read what happened to you, and you're right... it really shouldn't be that way.

  2. Oh my days!!! I so so so understand. I'm a 36G and heck I get eyed up ALL THE TIME. Don't help when I have a teeny weeny bit of clevage. Stank eye, left eye, up eye, down eye, weird eye....all eyes!!!! People pay to have what we got for free so we can't complain. :D

  3. LOL..Sis, I totally understand...except with me it's my butt...I have a 36 in waist and a 52 inches around my hips and thighs....and women give me the stank look all the time....I just remember....that when they do that it isn't about me...but their lack of confidence within their selves and pray for the day...when we can recognize each other as sisters and women...


  4. LMAO!! be proud of them girl!. she gave you the stank eye cause she knows he's gonna be thinking about them.

    I have the same issue (but i'm a D) and that should would have been perfect!!!

  5. Wow!! I love all of your responses! I feel so much better when I hear that I am not the only one going through this kind of stuff. I know with each woman, there is something about themselves that they feel insecure about. And it doesn’t help when other woman (who should know how we fell) makes us feel bad about it. But yes, we need to hold each other up as queens and celebrate each other. Not tear each other down. Thank you again for the positive and honest response. Much Love... Karen

  6. 36DDD, so I feel you on this one.

  7. Karen, I saw the wedding pics you posted in a previous blog, and i'd really like to know how you found a wedding dress that fit so well? You looked beautiful that day! My bust-size was always something i've worried about when it comes to fitting into a dress whenever that day comes.

  8. Hey Lisa,

    It was a challenge! I ended up getting a size that fit, but had to have the bust altered to fit me exactly. I still ended up having more cleavage than I really wanted... but my husband like that part :-). Good luck with your search when the day comes for you. I can be a joyous experience searching for a wedding dress.


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