Thursday, September 10, 2009


I just decided to reject a really negative comment that someone left today. I think everyone is beautiful. All races and all cultures are beautiful. All skin colors and all hair types, are worth praise.

So I always find it very odd when someone has hatred or racism against other cultures, but that they still fill the need to read our blogs. I just don't get it. If you don't like dreadlocks and have issues with our culture: meaning any one with natural hair - why waste your time visiting our sites, that are about this subject. I respect all opinions when they are constructive, useful and positive. There is no place for hate-filled messages on this blog. If that is where you heart is, please click next to go to another blog.

Much love to all of my positive, intelligent blogger friends and faithful readers.


  1. I am sorry that someone had to share their insecurity with you today. I hope that this comment will help in some small way to counteract the negative. I am new to your blog and I am really enjoying getting to know you through your posts. Be Blessed!

    Peace from Brooklyn!

  2. Thank you for the positive message Miss Moon. It does help. I hope that you will continue to visit my blog, and leave comments. I appreciate the positive comment.

  3. Karen,

    Sister you have to brush the haters off. There will always be someone to try and pull us down, but don't ever let them get under your beautiful skin. You are a ray of light, in the fight with us other natural hair bloggers who want to uplift and encourage our sisters daring enough to love ourselves.
    Thats all that matter!

    Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

  4. The world is full of negative, stupid downward-spiral people.

    People like you fill it with positivity, strength and sunshine. Keep sharing your loving attitude with us - it will grow and come back to you. Their cr*p will multiply back to them until they learn to change their ways.

    I love your blog - keep the love coming! xxx me.

  5. Beautifully said Mixiepixie. I am very grateful for your kind words. The postivie comments and support definetly outweigh the negative. Thank you for reminding me what its all about.



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