Friday, September 11, 2009

Reader Question for You

I received the following question from a Naturally Beautiful Hair reader, regarding hair loss. I wanted to ask you all, if you can read the following question and let the reader know if you have any advice for her.

"Good Evening Karen,

I have been a longtime lurker at your blog as well as being loc'd for 3 1/2 years. I have noticed that front edges, especially the sides are starting to grow very thin and I am afraid traction alopecia may force me to cut my locs. I have sworn that locs would be my permanent hairstyle--but I am afriad the thinning around the edges
may become permanent and then I will be bald. I don't see the same problems
with other loc wearers who have long locs such as yourself and celebrities such
as Nerissa Irving. Do you have any suggestions for encouraging growth or perhaps
shaving the area?


Signed Anonymous"


  1. I'd recommend a temple balm to rub around her edges and to avoid hairstyles that pull the locs too tightly at the edges.

  2. Hello
    I have seen that kind of problem on others, actually a friend of mine it got so thin in one of his front locks that it fell and is now slowly growing.

    What I know is that we have to stimulate our vases in the head - usually combing or braiding does it but with locks (depending on the treatmente) it doesn't usually happen. So I would advise you to get head massages, pull ur locks (without hurting ofcourse), things like that. There are also products to prevent hair loss, Kerastase has some good ones but are very expensive...

    I hope it can help,

  3. Carrot oil is also great for strengthening the roots.

    But you should be careful of three things (1) stress, (2) over twisting, and or (3) sleeping patterns.

    Stress naturally affects every part of our system, so be sure to find the time to destress. Over twisting is a large problem, especially for loc newbies...becareful not to over twist your hair causing stress on the roots. Also becareful not stretch your hair into a pony tail. And last, but not least, it could be how you sleep. Try sleeping on your back and always be sure to tie your hair a night.

    You may also want to stimulate the roots by massaging that part of the scalp.

    Good luck and blessings.

  4. Go to your general practioner/doctor and get your hormones checked. You could be experiencing hypo thryroidism or could be peri (pre) or menopausal. Such occurances occur in instances where one experiences hair loss among other things such as fatique and a loss of concentration. There is treatment for hypothyroidsm. After diagnosis if it appears that its alopecia, then a visit to your dermatologist is in order. Good Luck!

  5. Definitely avoid hairstyles that causes the hair to pull the edges back tightly and use a temple balm for your edges. if the results doesn't change check to see if you are possibly allergic to a product you may be using or see an allergist.

  6. massaging with castor oil would be good. She could also infuse the oil with growth herbs (nettle, horsetail) and essential oils (rosemary, peppermint, ylang ylang).

  7. try not to over twist your hair,and you may have to cut some of the lenght off.good luck

  8. You might want to try the interlocking techinque, if you are twisting. because you can over twist. You don't have to do it too often, maybe once like every two months, or so. And too try not to stress too much about it, your hair will grow.


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