Monday, September 14, 2009

Men's Appreciation of Natural Hair

Clutch Magazine Online has a great article on how much many men appreciate women with Natural hair and beauty. The author of the article, Laquita Thomas-Banks, introduces the article by saying "this is a spotlight of various thoughts and views from black men on the subject."

Here are some quotes:

"love it. I truly believe it takes confidence for someone to be their true self in this world; to be what we were created to be, flaws and all. It shows that you love yourself in a very pure way.."

"That kind of love produces confidence, and alleviates fear; something we can all agree is beneficial."

“It’s one of the sexiest things ever…it’s beautiful”

To read the entire article in full, and see the 6 videos from the men, click here: CutchMagazineOnline.


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