Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jewelry Giveaway!!

Yesterday, I posted about some cute handmade Jewelry that I purchased from an online site called Peruvian Earrings. To see the post, click here. I went a little crazy and brought 16 pairs of earrings from the site. Which was way more than I needed. So I would love to share some of the pieces with two readers.

Here is package #1:

Here is package #2:

To win one of these packages, please give our readers a taste of international beauty. Post a link of a picture that shows the beauty of a different culture from around the world. Please include a brief description of the picture with the link. There will be two winners chosen on Wednesday, September 16th at 9 pm. The winners will be posted the next day, with a picture from the submitted link. From the two winners, who ever emails me first, will get to choose what package they want first. Good luck ladies!


  1. Yess, this post is right up my alley...beautiful earrings paired with cultural awareness :)


    a link of young Somoan Lady practicing for Tausala

  3. Email Entry from Angel:

    "A beautiful picture of Gambian beauty and traditional dress!"

  4. Well I decided to show a picture from Portugal, because we are indeed a beautiful country. That picture is from a book i photographed last year. Pictures from Portugal during the 80's.

    I chose that picture because it reminds me of my great grandma Flismina. She was a widow at 22 with two young babies to raise. From that time till when she died (2 years ago) with 90 she dressed from head to toes and in black. This was a major part in portuguese culture till my grandmother generation. Now younger people don't do it anymore - mostly because man survive longer. My great grandma had this many rinkles as well.

    Here is my pic and my description...

    Much love,

  5. This photo is from my trip to Vietnam. this shows how the women of the beautiful Hmong Tribes show their culture through their clothing. All of their clothes is made from hemp, which they grow themselves.
    *click on my name - it should link to my photo*


    Even though the majority of Haitian citizens in Port au Prince are living in poverty, the beauty of the nation is still visible. In this photo you can see the poverty by the way the homes are stacked upon one another, but you can also see the beauty of the nation in the background. The mountains in the background are so serene.

    **click the photo to enlarge it.

  7. I introduce to you a small taste of the beauty of the Dinka tribe of Southern Sudan. The Dinka possess a unique beauty marked by the deep, smooth ebony of their skin and their tall, slender structure (think Alek Wek, Clara Benjamin, Manut Bol, Luol Deng, etc). The picture below depicts a young cattle herder. Cattle play a major role in the Dinka culture. When a man wishes to marry a woman, a long ceremony is held in which negotiations take place as to how many cows the groom's family must give to the bride's family. More cattle = status and wealth.


    Older Fulani woman from Mali. Fulani women are known throughout West Africa not only for their timeless beauty, but amazing jewelry, which continues to inspire modern-day jewelry-makers across the Atlantic.