Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Re: Miss Tyra Banks

Thank you UrbanCurlz, for sharing this video of Tyra's "real hair" premier on her new season of her show. See the previous post regarding Miss Tyra Banks. Tyra looks great, and I hope she continues to rock her own hair throughout the season. But the idea that her hair's natural texture was shown, is probably false. It looks chemically altered. But I still appreciate her not always wearing the wigs, while at the same time preaching to others about accepting themselves as their are. It was a contradiction. So perm or no perm, this is a nice change for Tyra.

Afrobella has a few words to say regarding this episode of the Tyra show:
"Where were the women with kinky, coily, natural hair textures? Why not feature a woman with a TWA? Why not expose her hair as it truly is — unaltered texture and all? Maybe, despite the hype, Tyra wasn’t yet ready. And that I can almost respect that.

Going natural shouldn’t be a fad — it takes dedication, commitment, and courage. Maybe this was a baby step for Tyra. I’m gonna hold out hope that someday she’ll do an episode that truly displays a range of hair textures and explores the deep feelings associated with natural hair. If not now, then hey — there’s always the premiere of season six."

I just want wish Tyra luck. I will always be a fan. Wig, perm, natural hair... what ever. No matter whats going on with her hair, she seems to be a genuinely good person. And she is entertaining.

Also, as shown on the blog Divine Life Collection, Tyra is getting ready to start a new online magazine. Click here: tyrabanks.com to check it out.


  1. I watched this episode yesterday and what I understand is that on the show "natural hair" meant without wigs, weaves and extensions or in basic terms 'hair without any additions', not necessarily referring to hair texture. I'm not sure why, but I keep having this lingering feeling that many women of color are exposed to our natural hair as only having 'curls' not kinks and tighter coils in the black hair community (i.e. the bi-racial girl w/ big spirals in the show).

    The young woman who Tyra spotted on the street with having this big head of hair might have given people the wrong perception that this is how nappy haired women wear their natural texture. No. If your hair is constantly flat-ironed (as she had mentioned) then you will lose most of your kinks and coils and your hair will look like a half straight half kinky fluff.

    Aside from everything, i'm really proud of the bi-racial girl for having the courage to wear her curls and admit that she wanted to just be herself and wear her hair the way it is naturally. I also applaud Tyra for physically demonstrating what is real hair and what is not (regardless of texture) because this will hopefully open peoples' minds and expose them to fallacy of beauty and image.

  2. Thank you so much for the shout out of my blog; I really appreciate it. I missed Tyra's show showcasing her own hair; I'll have to catch the rerun.


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