Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Miss Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks has been promoting the new season of her talk show, by saying she will be revealing her own natural hair, while hosting the show. I like Tyra. But I actually feel like she should have been doing this the whole time. She has been a great role model for young girls and women throughout her career. But a big part of being a role model is practicing what you preach. So for me, its like great... finally your going to show your real hair and do what you have been preaching "which is to love yourself for you. And to not live your life trying to impress others." So thumbs up to Tyra... I look forward to the new season of her show.
**Season Five starts on September 8th


  1. I have a strange feeling it wont be a big as we anticipate. Does natural mean without weave or without chemical? And for how long? I just don't see this lasting for her. I feel like the network wont allow it. I love Tyra though regardless.

  2. I want to know also the day

  3. I just updated the post... :-). Season 5 of the Tyra Banks show starts on September 8th.

  4. We'll see if she actually sticks to it, AND if her naturalness will venture beyond her famous cornrows. Everytime she wants to pull the "natural" card its just the one look, not much versatility to all that natural is and can be. So, like you, I will be checking in from time to time to see if she will do "natural" proud.


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