Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Juice Beauty

I am in love with a new skin product, that my sister recommended, by Juice Beauty. I have had problems with my skin for most of my life. My face has a combination of oily and dry skin. With that comes the pimples, dry skin and for me.... discoloration. I have tried so many products, but have had very little luck. So when my sister recommend that I try Juice Beauty's Blemish Clearing Serum, I was skeptical. So I gave it a try and actually saw my skin start to look softer and more even, within only two days of using it! I am sold...

So my main concern now, is seeing if it will actually keep working. There have been a few times when I will buy something, and it will work for the first few weeks and then I won't see any more progress. So only time will tell. I stopped by Sephora and picked up Juice Beauty 'Organics to Clear Skin Kit kit' that includes the blemish serum, a cleanser, a face scrub and lotion. I am excited to see how this goes, I will keep you all informed. The price of the serum is kind of expensive. If you just want to try the Blemish Serum, without making the commitment to buy it, stop by Sephora and ask for a free sample. Or you can also search online (ebay is one place) for better prices.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Fortunately I've had great skin until... this past year. I get more breakouts than ever and I'm not sure what causes it. I'm definitely going to look out and see how this works for you... I may try it for myself too. Thanks again!

  2. Hello Karen...hope all is well, is the product still working for you?

  3. Hi Karen,
    Your Blog for skin care was very informative for darker skinned. Im hoping that you can give me some advice on my skin problem. I am tri-racial and very light skinned. I have had skin problem all my life. I have very oily and sensitive skin which causes my blackhead issues and open pores along the sides and cheek area of my face. I have tried it all and have spent a lot of money on skin care products. I wash my face faithfully twice a days. i have gone as far as to washing my pillow every other day. I am unable to find a good dermatologist in my area of Las Vegas, NV. The moisturizers, cleansers,and scrubs I've tried per my dermatologist, and my own research have not been successful. The products don't work for very long and by the end of the day the moisturizer that is for oily skin makes my skin oilier. My head is spinning from all the research and products I have tried. Their is not a lot of information on skincare for lighter skinned African American biracial women. I am desperately seeking your expertise on how I can combat my skin issues.

    Thank you In Advance for any help you can give me.

    Tracie (exhausted):)


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