Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Big wet hair!

I love these headbands! They are perfect for after washing my hair. I can pile my hair on top of my head, and make a loose bun, and take my time palm rolling my hair. With these headbands, I can do this and still feel comfortable with the weight of my hair on the top of my head (which is really heavy when wet). These are really gentle. They do not pull your hair. And they are easy to use.

I recommend them to any one that feels like their hair is really heavy after washing it. Or just any one that wants to get their hair out of their face. I have been trying to find the actual style name of this kind of hair band, so I can search for it online. I usually just get lucky, like I did with these, and find them at a local Ross Store. But I have also seem them occasionally at CVS or Walgreens. But not often. If you see them, buy it! It's a great find. I got all of these for $3 dollars (the price at Ross). Needless to say, at that price, I got two packs... ;-).

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  1. Thanks 4 the heads up. I like the bands and I only have 2 in. of hair. Will be looking 4 them and tell others.


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