Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Interview with Singer Lauren Evans

Q:   You have an amazing voice. How long have you been singing?
A:  Thank you so much! Honestly, I have been singing ever since I could make noise. Ha! I come from a family musicians and singers, so singing was always second nature to me. I was 10 years old when I recorded my first song in a family friend's living room. I didn't realize I was gifted for music until I had been working in the music industry for about four years.

Q:  Who are some of your music idols? Who inspires you to push hard in all that you do for your career?
A:  Growing up I was always inspired by icons like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder & Celine Dion. I knew I wanted to be counted as one of them and that it would require hard work and focus. I remember spending my play time with cousin practicing dance routines, writing songs, rehearsing them and putting on performances in my grandmother's den. We thought we were The Jacksons or something! Lol!

Q:  You have sung some amazing classics. Do you have plans to record some of your own music sometime soon?
A:  Yes, I'm in the final stages of recording my debut album. I'm planning to release it early 2013. I'm soooooo excited! It's been a long time coming. I've been incog-negro working behind the scenes for years and I can't wait to be heard on my own terms! In the meantime, I have just released my first mix tape, entitled Uncovered, which, ironically, is a collection of cover songs that I feel represent who I am and where I'm going as an artist. You can download it for free on my website:!

Q:  What was your big break in the music biz?
A:  It's funny, my break came at age of 14 with The Prince of Egypt Soundtrack. My stage name back then was Christian. I got to go to early screenings before all the animation was finished, got to walk the red carpet at the premier right behind Steven Spielberg (one of my favorite directors) and later was nominated for a Stellar Award for my performance. It was a crazy ride to say the least especially for a High School Freshman.

Q:  What has been the highlight of your career so far? Best compliment you have received?
A:  The highlight of my career thus far has been the response I received for "One Step At A Time", a song I co-wrote for Jordin Sparks. I got a particular email from a woman who ran a drug rehabilitation facility in Tennessee. She said that "OSAAT" was helping her patients to recover from addiction. That meant so much to me. I aim to make music that encourages people.

Q:  What would you like to see happen in your career in the next ten years?
A:  I definitely want to have more success as a hit-maker, not only as an artist, but I'd love to have several more hits on other amazing artists (ie. Beyonce, Rihanna, Adele,  Katy Perry, Chris Brown & Justin Beiber). I also want to branch out into film and television- acting, writing and production and to have at least one New York Bestseller... A few Grammys wouldn't be too shabby, either. ;-) My goal is to become a household name and use my influence to help eradicate the trafficking of children and to
inspire others to live their best life.

Q:  Who would you love to perform with?
A:   My favorites at the moment are Bruno Mars, Usher & Imogen Heap. I would love to perform and/or collaborate with any them… Well, ALL of them! Lol! Oh yeah, I also think Luke James and I would kill a duet!

Q:  You have gorgeous natural hair. Has it been hard staying true to yourself in biz that is obsessed with an certain standard of beauty (long straight hair, bone thin,etc)?
A:  Why thank you. Honestly, as far as my natural hair goes, it has become the feature that has set me a part and made me unique in a sea of relaxers, weaves and lace fronts. I rather enjoy going against the grain and sometimes do so intentionally just to differentiate myself from the crowd. Btw, your blog is awesome! I get lots of amazing tips and ideas for keeping my hair healthy and my style fresh! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! :D

Q:  As an entertainer, you’re having natural hair is helping out little ones to see that they can be beautiful with the hair they have. Is that something that you are striving for?
A:  Wearing my hair natural was a personal choice. It started as an experiment. At 21 I was curious to know what my natural hair looked like, as I'd worn relaxers from the age of 7. Once my tendrils began to grow out, I fell in love! Haven't looked back since. I figure God gave me this hair on purpose so I should own it! If being naturally me inspires young girls, then that is an added benefit and makes me happy!! :-)

Q:  How can we learn more about you?
A:  Oh golly, lol- lots of ways... You can check out my website:, connect on, twitter: @TheRealLEvans, instagram: @TheRealLEvans and/or subscribe to

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  1. Karen what a lovely article. I liked the way you ask questions. You are truly about the person you are interviewing. It shows. Lauren is a beautiful eemian inside and out!!! Especially her beautiful hair!!! Thank you for writing this. I love seeing the progression of a dream. I am looking forward to seeing Lauren launch her new cd in 2013 and see fulfillment of her goals. Here's to Lauren!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Stacey


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