Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kortney D. Bond's Story

Since I was a little girl I always wanted Locs, but my mother would always tell me no. I always looked at women with Locs and envisioned them on myself, and I promised myself that when I got older I would go natural and begin the Loc process. That moment was two and a half years ago, I found a natural hair styling in Indianapolis, Indiana named Nakia who was highly recommended. I called her and scheduled a consultation and told her how I wanted my hair and how I wanted to begin the process. She immediately told me that she wanted me to wait learn about the culture and cultivating process as well as make sure I was ready to make a long term decision. 

I wore my hair naturally styled for about two years, and I loved it. My favorite hair style was the two strand twist or a up-do with the two strand twist pouring out. After a while I grew tired and frustrated, and remembered my goal and that was to go natural and start the Loc process, so in September of 2011 I started Locs. This journey has been long but fulfilling, because Locs are something I've always wanted and I finally have them. Many people told me it would interfere with my career or goals, because natural hair is not professional  My response has always been, "Black people are the only people who have fear of being too much of what they already are." We have to love ourselves, and love what we represent as a people. You can allow western thoughts to shape the way you see yourself or you can be brave enough to be YOU! 

People will always talk, as they still do, and make comments such as, "Why would you do that to a head full of beautiful hair?" I ignore it because I am in love with me, and everything my Locs represent, which is the fierceness of a warrior, because that is what you have to be in today's society. I have had locs for one year and two months now and I am still as amazed with them as I was before. Women need to understand that they give BEAUTIFUL it's definition, and you can recreate it or become a prototype. You have to love yourself enough to have the courage to make the best decision for you.

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