Thursday, January 31, 2013

One Brown Crafter

One Brown Crafter = Art + Craft + Culture

One Brown Crafter is a blog that was created 19 months ago by illustrator, recycling crafter, and DIY expert Tracy Viverretta, to give voice to culturally diverse artists and crafters by showcasing their work. OBC was also created to share art related resources and information, establish a positive, uplifting creative community and to celebrate cultural diversity. The name of the blog came about as a result of Tracy participating in various craft fairs and being the “one brown crafter”. After constantly wondering where all the other artists and crafters of color were and why they weren't at these fairs, she created the blog to seek them out so she could showcase their work and establish a creative community.
Spawned by a love of natural hair, Tracy created the "Natural Hair Art Project", which is a reflection of that love. So every Friday for 52 Fridays, she shows a new piece of artwork that could be an illustration, collage, textile painting, embroidery, hand lettering, plush doll or any number of crafty projects - all related to natural hair.

CALL FOR ARTISTS + CRAFTERS: She's always looking for new artists and crafters to feature on the One Brown Crafter blog, so all of her contact info is below. If you have any questions, email her at

One Brown Crafter Blog

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  1. Thank you so much Karen for featuring me on your very lovely blog. I truly appreciate it.



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