Monday, June 10, 2013

Even babies love Curls!!!

My little baby girl has beginner curls that I have had problems keeping moisturized, without it coming out greasy. Thankfully I decided to give the Curls hair products a try on her hair and I already love it. See this before & after picture below, to see the difference in her hair after using the Curls products. Her hair is no longer dry and tangled. It is now moisturized, easy to manage and not greasy at all.

The two Curls products I used are the Cashmere Curls Leave In Conditioner & the Champagne & Caviar Curl Elixir.  To learn more about Curls Hair Care Products, go to


  1. I wondered about this product line, I see it all the time.

  2. I have those two products but never tried them. Seeing this post I'm going to use them on my daughters hair now!!!


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