Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sabine Clermont 's Natural Hair Story

"I am a 20-year-old college student that went natural at the age of 18. Now, many people ask me, why
did you go natural all of a sudden? Well, I thought it was time for a change! I have had perm (or shall I say creamy crack) in my hair for 12 years. One day, my close friend asked me and said, "Would you ever go natural?" Without a doubt I said, "NO." I figured that I wouldn't be able to handle the natural
hair process because it seemed like it was high maintenance. Surprisingly, I ended up going natural a few months later in April 2011. My sister has been a big influence on me to become natural because she had been going through the same experience as well. She told me that if I went natural, she would cut all her hair off to show her support. So, as I went natural she kept her promise and cut ALL her hair off. I actually loved the boy cut look on her and it inspired me even more.

 I transitioned for a total of 7 months. Now, the reason why I didn't want to go natural in the first place was because I absolutely did not know how to style my hair. So I tried easy hairstyles like bantu knot outs, twist and braid outs. By 5-6 months, I noticed my natural growth but I also realized my hair was falling out tremendously in the back. I was stuck! I didn't know what to do; it got so bad that I figured, maybe I should perm my hair again. But, I convinced myself that I came too far to just give up. I stared in the mirror one day and said, “I think I want to cut all of my hair off.” My roommate came in the room and I just yelled, “Please cut my hair, I can’t deal with this anymore!” She responded “No” because she didn't want to be responsible for cutting off my natural hair. I didn't even want to cut off my own hair either just in case I snipped too much. I asked all my friends and a few family members to cut it but they said I should get it professionally done. Since I was in school in Pennsylvania, I only trusted to get my haircut in NY by someone who specializes with natural hair. Finally on December 10, 2011, I recall visiting my mother for a weekend.

That night I looked at my hair in the mirror and told myself I will ask my mother to cut my hair off and I will not take “No” for an answer. I was finally ready to do the BIG CHOP! My mother was supportive of me going natural but she wasn't too fond of me cutting my hair off. Scared to approach her with the question, I expressed to her that I believe it was time to cut my hair off and I explained that it was falling out. She wasn't too happy and said I should wait, but I became so impatient that I just expressed that I can’t go through the transitioning phase anymore. Finally, we walked to the bathroom and got the scissors. As she cut my hair in an aggravated response, she expressed that she has been bringing me to the hair salon every two weeks for 5 years and all that money she spent has been wasted. I felt so guilty but as I saw my hair falling on the floor, I couldn't believe my eyes. This was actually happening! I felt a sense of relief like I was myself again; I was finally natural! As she finished she apologized and said I looked great no matter what. I looked in the mirror and I was surprised yet happy.

All my life my hair has been long and it was nice to see the difference. Immediately after, I sent pictures of my new haircut to my family and friends and they loved it! Currently, I am 1 year and 5 months natural post big chop, but overall 2 years and 1 month natural. I continue to ask my sister for natural hair advice as well as watching “How To” YouTube tutorial videos which have helped me extremely. I love my hair more and more each day; not to sound cocky but for once I feel fierce! Portraying myself with my natural hair reminds me that I can feel comfortable in my own skin. I love my afro and I will never turn back to the creamy crack. I would never take back the frustration, anger or stress I had towards my hair because without these emotions or trial and errors, it would not have been a true journey!" - Sabine Clermont

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  1. I shared a similar experience with my mother. It is interesting that we want their approvals so fiercely. Excellent blog!

  2. Awww! I'm your inspiration. You inspire me as well lil' sis.

  3. Response via email:

    Sabine's story was beautiful an uplifting! She is rocking her natural state! I went back an forth in deciding to do the big chop, and just decided to grow my relaxer out. That was great that you went though with the BC an not didn't look back! Such an inspiration, continue on your journey my beautiful sister!
    Thanks ~ Amber


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