Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Boulé Pin's - Great for locs & All Natural Hair

I am in love with my new Boulé Pin's!   My locs have gotten really long and are sometimes a bit heavy. With the Boulé Pin's, I can style my hair in different updo's with complete ease and no discomfort.  I was surprised at how easy it was to pin them into my hair. It slides right in to my freshly twisted locs without pulling or tugging at my hair.   I have the large Mona Boulé Pin (labradorite) and an extra large Jeanette Boulé Pin (botswana agate).  

"Luxury, simplicity, and beauty are at the heart of Boulé. Our philosophy reflects a desire to celebrate curls, locs, and kinky hair with timeless designs that highlight our extraordinary aesthetic. Our Boulé Pins are an easy styling solution for busy lifestyles, evenings out, or warm summer days. They're a must-have for locs, a morning time-saver for women with natural hair, and safe for the tiniest coils or sisterlocks. Each one is handcrafted, made of bronze and features semi-precious gemstones or glass. Our pieces speak to a woman’s desire to treat herself beautifully, love her hair, and feature it proudly." ~  Boule Design.  To learn more about Boulé Pin's, go to:

Boulé Design
Boulé on Facebook
Boulé on Etsy


  1. This is a beautiful accessory!

  2. These are pretty but I can't figure out how they work or the purpose. Are they for styles or just to keep your hair out of the way? Do they actually hold styles or are they just for the decoration?

    The site doesn't give much detail, either. Oh, and they link in the first sentence is incorrect

    1. Link updated. The pin holds locs/hair in place. I have long locs and the pin very easily held an updo up on the top of my head with no other pins needed.


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