Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pro-Healthy Diet and Life Change

It's that time again. My birthday is approaching quickly and I am not looking forward to it.  I will be turning the big 4 0 this year (and my heart drops).  The reality of it is that I can't do any thing to slow down the clock. So I just have to embrace my age and getting older.  But one thing that I do not want to embrace or take into the next phase of my life is my major health problems and unhealthy eating.

I have hired an awesome personal trainer and I have also decided to try eating Vegan for 30 days.   After my 30 days, I will see how I feel and what adjustments I want to make to my diet. But so far I am excited.

While researching, I found some great channels on YouTube of woman that are educating the public on how you can transition into eating Vegan, tips, recipes, information and more.  The first YouTube page I want to highlight is Food Heaven Show with Wendy & Jess.  Their Facebook page is also full of information and meal ideas. "Food Heaven Made Easy with Wendy & Jess is a web series with a mission to bring healthy cooking to your kitchen. The show is hosted by Nutritionista Wendy Lopez and Registered Dietitian Jessica Jones, who both hold Master's Degrees in Nutritional Science. These nutrition nerds demonstrate how to cook nutrient dense, delicious and affordable plant-based recipes, while providing scientifically sound nutrition information you can trust."

I also want to highlight another great youtube page FullyRawKristina.  Kristina's page also has great colorful, vibrant videos full of information, recipes and more on how to transition into a vegan or healthy eating lifestyle. Check out her Facebook page here.

I will be checking in every once in awhile to talk about my experience with trying the vegan diet and if I have experienced any benefits.

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