Monday, March 27, 2017

Natural hair model Patrice Hawthorne

"Patrice Hawthorne is the fourth Peaches of the dynamic duo “Peaches and Herb”. This opportunity allowed Miss Hawthorne to travel around the world performing many of their hit songs such as, "Shake your groove thing", "Reunited" and "I pledge my love". While on tour, Miss Hawthorne visited and performed in Mexico City, Korea, Jamaica, South Africa, West Indies and across the United States. Patrice Hawthorne has appeared on several national television shows such as Jenny Jones, BET, NBC10 and VH1.

Though she spent most of her career on stage thrilling the audience, off stage, Patrice earned principal acting roles in commercials, testimonials, videos, films and print jobs as a model.  Patrice Hawthorne is the bandleader of her own band, “Patrice and The Show”. Patrice is extremely excited to debut her latest single "It's Gonna Be Alright" which is available on iTunes , Cd baby and Amazon Patrice Hawthorne's credentials are extensive and there is much more to come."

"How I got into modeling - As an entertainer you tend to take a lot of pictures.Thus, photographers would see my pictures, made suggestions that I do some modeling and some wanted me to take pictures for them. I also registered with a few talent agencies that will submit my picture for a photo shoot/ modeling  job and I would get hired. It's also a lot of fun to be able to create different characters in modeling. Sooo that's how I got into modeling. "

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