Monday, October 9, 2017

Aspiring Model - Asha


I am so proud of my daughter, Asha. She is an amazing and talented young lady. She is always first to try to help someone in need. Has a very kind heart and remains humble, despite her beauty and academic accomplishments in life. As a young girl she donated hair to Locks of Love, and often look for opportunities to volunteer and do things to better her community.  Asha also has expressed an interest in modeling and I am happy to support her.

"I am Asha. I have a passion for modeling but have yet to pursue it. To date I worked with Jameel Pugh, a wedding photographer. I did a portrait shoot. I am available for shoots anywhere in the East Bay Area. I am tall (5'10") with long curly hair. For more information contact me at".


To see more from the photographer that took these photos, go to photographer Jameel Pugh's website Bowtie Pixs.

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